Saturday, August 28, 2010

Imran Khan Foundation

I haven't yet blogged about the catastrophic disasters caused by the recent floods in Pakistan. A disaster of such proportions mandates a huge rehabilitation effort. Unfortunately, our government's reputation apropos corruption means that potential donors are reluctant to give. This creates a huge void.
The only ray of light in this sad situation is Imran Khan. A figure who may have political foes, but no one disputes his integrity and ability to spearhead a massive relief operation. Imran Khan has founded a platform called Imran Khan Foundation to handle the flood relief efforts. Imran Khan Foundation will be dispatching a convoy consisting of hundreds of trucks to the flood affected areas tomorrow. This event will be televised during the Telethon on Geo TV.
Imran Khan Foundation is on twitter, has a Facebook page, and their website is coming up soon. For potential donors abroad, IKF already have a US chapter with an active website. The website has all information to enable you to give to IKF using cheques, Paypal or credit cards. Help out and spread the word!