Saturday, April 25, 2009

Of vice and men

This may sound taboo or controversial, but I wanted to raise my voice against the exploitation by women of women and subsequent blaming it on us. Look at this. As I recall, it is women who are on the heels of the bridge the morning after the marriage and every day afterwards asking about "progress". They are the ones who encourage early births. And who gets the mention in the article? The "low-paid guard". Women, for goodness sake, get your act together.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sad story

A LUMS student was killed in DHA Lahore. It is sad how the privileged class indulge in extortion of the lower classes on the basis of power earned through money and status. It all continues to go unchecked. Not only are the rich oblivious of the foul play of their children, but also, the poor and the middle class. I couldn't imagine leaving home without telling my mother, didn't fly a kite, didn't play cards, because my parents told me it was bad manners. But today, look at the maniacs on cars and bikes and on foot indulging in wheeling, speeding, sex, drugs and what not. All the time getting the ignorance or protection of their parents. We need vigilante.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

MVP yet again

Yup! I am renewed as an MVP for 2009. All the hard work in the community has paid off yet again. Just gotta work harder to keep it up.

My blog is still useful

Turns out my blog is serving a purpose. A student in the lab right next to mine read this posting and contacted me. One of his friend's laptop had taken a dip in the water and he wanted to open it to dry. Turns out he heeded my warning of worn out screw heads in my aforementioned post and came to get the swiss army knife. Hehehe!