Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Seimnar day after tomorrow

Koshish foundation had some wireless networking equipment to donate to our department at NED. We decided to arrange a seminar and after that seminar, Koshish would hand over the equipment. I suggested Tariq Mustafa from Supernet, he did not oblige our request for seminar. Very bad. I suggested Dr. Athar Mahboob and his organization said they could not do anything about it before June. Must be because they are in the education and training business, so why does one expect them to spare their employee for a free seminar.
In the end, to secure the transfer of equipment before summer vaccation, I volunteered myself to conduct a seminar on Mobile IP on Thursday, June 2, 2005 from 2 pm to 3:30 pm. Let's see how it goes.

IEE Career Counseling Seminar

IEE NED University Student Chapter today organized a Career Counseling seminar amidst tension and trouble in the city. The attendance on campus was thin, but the audience was plentiful, in my opinion.
There was one presentation on marketing for engineers. While marketing is a highly rewarding (and highly demanding) professional option for engineers, the speaker was not very effective.
There was another presentation about RF Planning, which was mildly technical and people were more or less bored. There was another presentation by Rubina Hoodbhoy about RMIT University, which had absolutely nothing to do with career counseling and she was there only because her organization was a key sponsor for the IEE newsletter.
There was a presentation by Salman Khan from Siemens, which was very much to the point of career counseling and another one by Samia from Sidat Hyder Murshid, which was also very much to the point of the seminar.
One thing was common to all the presentations: they were all extremely poorly timed. They all talked and talked and talked and talked way over the intimated 15 to 20 minutes time, which did not leave much time for the question and answer session which was supposed to be the best part of the seminar, and eventually was.
In the end, Adnan Farooq swept everyone of the earlier speakers away by denouncing the workplace employer ethics and promoting enterpreneurship amongst young engineers, and people (minus the earlier speakers) were excited. Samia and Salman were amongst the most offended, and Samia immediately ceased the microphone once Adnan was done with his presntation and started appreciating Adnan's views, but I knew that this IBA grad was appreciating because she would soon start criticising him, and she did. So did Salman. What is this? A political talk show? People should be expected to have different opinions and be allowed to voice them. These folks had their chance, and it wasnt their turn anymore.
Then there was a Question and Answers session and students frankly and freely asked controversial and pinching questions and the panel of speakers answered them. Again, Samia kept ceasing the mic again and again. What is this? You've answered a question, someone else adds his/her answer, why do you have to comment on his answer? Most of the time she was defending her views. I did not like that attitude. Nothing to do with her being a woman, I have no problem with that, I didnt like Salman's response tone either.

Sunday, May 29, 2005


One thing that I think I missed mentioning here about Turkey is that while they have left hand driven vehicles driving on the right hand side of the road (like the USA), they have 220 V AC (unlike the USA).

More from my secret admirer

My secret admirer continues to susbtitute me for google. I dont like rediffmail. The email apparently originates from a cable/DSL subscriber somewhere in India from an ISP called Iqara. Here's his latest wish list:
respected sir
this is vivek from pune(india). i want to take some help of you.i hope that you will help me. i want to know some answer of these question.as listed below

1. how to bind data if i have a dropdownlist & take data from database in this drop down list.how it will bind?

2.how to retrieve multible table in a data set from database?

3.what's main diff b/w application & session?

4.what is complexing data in xml?

5.how garbage collector work?

6.if i want to pass data from onw web page to another web page
how it is possible?

7. what is signature?

sir please send the answer of these question. waiting for your response.

vivek goyal

Saturday, May 14, 2005

There was more from that secret admirer of mine, so I just said what I should've said in the first place. Here's the second email and my reply:

Well, since you're addressing me as sir, I take it you're on of my present or past students. Most probably present. The diversity of questions appear to be aimed at testing whether I know or not. I would only say two things, number one, I never claim to know everything, no one knows everything, but whatever I know, I would love to help others with. Number two, if you're afraid that I would retaliate against you, then you have failed to recognize me.
If you dont have the confidence in me or in yourself to ask a few simple questions without anonymity, then I am not inclined to devote my time to answering your queries, either.

vivek goyal wrote:
thanks sir for reply

some question more

does .net support multiple inheritence?

sql server architecture?

what type of error can come in project?

what's diff b/w base class & abstract class?

what's diff b/w abstract class & interbase class?

Wireless security

Here is a website that Shahzad had maintained for the wireless security project at Wichita State University.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Secret admirer

Some secret admirer sent me a number of questions that I responded to a few seconds ago, so I thought I'd post them here as well. I didnt want to type all the answers, so I googled most of them instead.Here is my answer and his queries:

Please see my replies inline.

vivek goyal wrote:
please give me answer of some question

what's dif b/w html server control & web server control?


what is view state?


what is postback?

Control data is sent from the client to the server.

what's diff b/w data grid & data list?

In short, a datalist control is a lightweight datagrid control.

what is index & diff b/w clustered & non clustered index

An index is used to speed up database queries. When a table (for example) is indexed on a certain column, the database server maintains special data structures that can allow quick searching on items in that column. Also visit http://www.sql-server-performance.com/gv_index_data_structures.asp for information on clustered vs non-clustered indices.

can data set work in connected environment?

If you need connected "recordset" functionality, consider DataReader instead.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Of cell phones and midnights

After deleting the junk mail titled "Impress your wife" and I dont have a wife yet, I would reflect on cell phones ringing at midnight. It happened to me several times, in sleep. I then discovered that my Nokia will turn itself on when the alarm needs to go off (I double my cell phone as my alarm clock), so I started turning the phone off when I sleep, and then it wakes me up when I need to and not when someone else wants me to. Yea, yea, there could be an emergency, whatever! I dont care! When I need to sleep, I need to sleep, no ifs and buts.


There was a question about SIP and .NET. I found some items on the web which might be useful to the student who asked this and maybe to some others as well:

I am sure that some other hits would be found on at least one of the following links:

I hope at least some of that helps. As far as COM Interop goes, there is an interesting article at Code Project, or at MSDN. For C Library interop with .NET, see this page.
Happy SIPping!

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Over confidence, success, failure

On Adnan's post, I couldnt help but add my bit. We are brought up with a fear of failure. Failure is not to be tolerated. Flunk an exam and you are punished, pass it with distinction and you are showered with gifts.
In fact, you learn nothing from success, you learn from failures. The learning process stops with success. Adison didnt invent the bulb overnight. He failed hundreds of times before he managed to successfully invent a bulb that worked. But with every failed experiment, he learnt and got closer to how to do it right.
That's another angle worth looking at.

Losing one more.....

Tomorrow night, we would be losing one more to North America. My friend Nasir Kamal who was working as Assistant Manager Systems at Cyber Net, Pakistan's largest and one of Asia's leading ISPs is leaving for Canada tomorrow night. He spent some time working in the USA then came back to Pakistan, worked for a bit and then like so many of us was forced by the society to realize that the society does not need guys like him. So, off he goes to Canada. What is it that Pakistan is missing that Canada, USA, Australia, UAE and an endless list of other countries have for us? Think about it. Maybe you'll find an answer. If you need my help, read a later blog.