Saturday, July 01, 2006

Long time no (PD)C

OK. So, I've got several complaints that I've not been blogging, which is pretty well placed, too. I was pretty busy with life in general and a research project in particular. I came down to PDC 2006 with minimal preparation for my session, which I feel didnt go too well. It's not that my demo didnt work or anything, but I wasnt satisfied with how I did in presenting the material. Maybe a bit rusty, but I'm sure I can work on that and fix it. Unfortunately, this had to be at the mega event such as PDC.
The community lounge was pretty bad this year. The volunteers were not interested in anything but each other. There were issues everywhere. "I told him not to do that, and still he was doing it" type of material. Pretty immature stuff. The event overall, didnt come out to me as good as last year's. Let's hope for the best next time around.


Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

I think your presentation was good.

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Glad that you found it good. This is one instance where we disagreed! ;-P

Anonymous said...

Presentation was just fine, but still it did give some insight of what WCF is all about, but from where i can download that presentation stuff?

You said to upload it at your blog and even Mr. Adnan Hashmi said that he will link to that at his blog but so far no updates!!!

Post a URL to pointing to that resource ( Presentation and the Demo Code )

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

I have a technical blog at Please do visit it. I also have an MSN group called IDevelop and have uploaded the presentation in the files section of that group. The message is posted on my technical blog. I am sorry about the delay, I was caught up with a research project. I was hoping to upload it to my webserver so I can offer you a simple URL to download instead of the "join my MSN group" marketing crap, but there are some complications with the upload and I'll get it fixed asap. Thanks for the appreciation and keep in touch.