Friday, August 18, 2006

Change of fate

Well, he said he'd change the city's fate. You gotta give credit to the man, he's done it in admirable time. He said he'd change it into Paris. Well, maybe he didnt exactly make it Paris, but Venice isnt too far from Paris, is it. You have to give him credit for that. I guess we should rename to something like I. I. Chundrigar Canal, or M. A. Jinnah River.


Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

Well, it is far easier to win an election using 'badmaashi'. Showing performance when its needed is an entirely different matter.

Anonymous said...

if you keep neglecting a place for years (as many as 30) , it need a war like effort to rebuild .. thats what atleast he looks to be trying , atleast we need to give everyone a fair amount of time to proof theirselves without starting criticising just for the sake of it !

Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

Trial and error is not an option here. He simply is not competent to hold the position he is in. He was not even competent to hold his last position. Has has no experience of administration. He is a fake, just like every other (so-called) leader in his party. What are his credentials? NONE!