Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Men, women and violence

I've been seeing some activity on campus regarding "men for end of violence against women." We've also seen plenty of similar activity around "empowerment" of women by the government on miscellaneous platforms. I personally think that the latter is to win favor of the women half of the population for the next election. But that aside, let's get to the point.
Violence against women by men is wrong and I'm not for it at any level. It is wrong and shouldnt happen. However, most of the problems for women are created by women, not men. Often, one would find a feminine hand behind violence committed by men. But let's let that go. Every day I see women on the street and the way they look at other women is characteristics of criticism and jealousy. When you talk to them or they talk to each other, the same attitude is evident. When at home, they are jealous of each other and create problems for each other. At work, they do the same. So, I think, talking of violence against women by men is just a way to hide from the skeleton in the cupboard. Shouldnt women face the other reality and get their own act together? After that, by all means, come and kick us men, too.


Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

Brilliant post! In fact, many of the problems in our society, the problems we face in our workplaces or schools are caused by men who display female characteristics of jealousy, treachery, and manipulation.

Shahid said...

Women are manipulative... it sucks to find out later ..hmmm so it was all about this..and not that.If they just be straight and open like most men.. worlds would be much simpler..they want everything right now in life... patience patience.