Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Live up to my expectations

I had bet my friend that Inzamam wasnt getting the 22 he needs to break Miandad's highest score in test cricket by a Pakistani batsmen. Not only did Inzi live up to my expectations, so did the rest of the team. Good work boys! I wonder what Inzi will do in the second innings. Hmmm, I hope he does live up to my expectations again. Whatever the case, I can picture his dismissal. He'll stand there for a long time, starting at nothing, wondering why he got out, and then in the applause of the SA team, and perhaps that of the crowd as well, make his way to the pavilion. I doubt that he'll be able to end not out in the second innings. That's too much to expect from Pakistan team in test cricket for a long time to come.

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