Monday, May 12, 2008

Prince trophy

Seen the new Prince Biscuits adv on TV? The one that shows a boy lose his trophy to a flying monster. Prince arrives promptly and throws the boy a biscuit. The adv asks you to write a story telling how the boy and the Prince would reclaim the trophy. You want a story? Here's a story for you.

Eating the biscuit, the boy spots a police mobile coming up. He motions for them to stop. The boy tells them his story. The police laugh at the boy and arrest him. The Prince manages to escape on a horse. While the police hold the boy in illegal confinement, torturing him, they are hoping for his parents to come and claim him so that they can extort some money from them. The Prince calls Shahrukh Khan to intervene, who calls President Musharraf, who calls the police station, and the boy is released and sent straight to a hospital.
The Prince stays with the boy as he spends six months recuperating. Once the boy has recovered, they swear to reclaim the lost trophy and head for the hills where the monster lives.

Complete the story and send it in for a prize if you want. Me, I'll just hope that Shahrukh Khan or the Saudi President calls President Musharraf to help solve the following problems: outrageously unreal property prices, outrageously unreal property rental charges, outrageously unreal UPS prices and shortage, outrageously unreal battery prices and shortage, outrageously unreal floor prices and shortage, outrageously unreal everything else prices and shortage, justice in general, power crises, outrageously unreal school fess etc.

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