Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hang these criminals

I feel sick and angry. My eyes are filled with tears after reading this news item and I wish I could wipe it out of my mind. Such cruel bastards, these killers. Images of that boy cant stop running through my mind, as acid is poured into his ears, mouth and other parts of his body. How can one be so cruel. And all that over the dispute of not letting an @$$hole cross over your roof to burn someone's pigeons.
And our present "democratic" government is moving forward with banishing capital punishment. Barbarians like these must be hanged to death. There's no cure for these criminals. There's the chance criminal who makes a mistake and then feels sorry for his crime, and then there are bastards like these, who do it with pleasure. There should be no mercy for them. And since you cant tell the difference between the two types, it should be the same across the board, so that society gets rid of the willfull criminal and if any one is tempted to commit a crime, he would shudder at the consequences. But as it stands, there is no justice in our society and the present regime is striving to spread injustice even further. Why wouldnt they, they are themselves founded on the basis of illegality. The sooner we get rid of them, the better, because there's no way you can block them through the parliament. And you thought, let's participate in the elections and then we'll restore the judiciary through the parliament. I hope you're disillusioned already.

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