Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Return of the Tecra

I couldnt find time to write an update my Toshiba Tecra S2's surgery. I took it apart over the December 25, holiday. I used precision screwdrivers, which was a mistake. The other ones I had didnt fit the screws, because the screwdriver tips were too big. The precision set was so small that it damaged many screwheads. I took everything apart based on irisvista.com and was able to put it back together and it is still alive.
The "power surge on hub port" message didnt go away, though. I was still able to use the USB ports. I have no disabled the USB controller from Device Manager and am not getting the error messages and the system runs fine. There's just one problem: I think I didnt get it all put back tightly enough. Something seems to be lose. The system would just pause sometimes and I'd have to knock on it to get it to resume working. It's not too bad, though. I'm OK with it.


Dienius said...

Hello there,
Some problem with my Tecra
Sometimes it won't boot up and yes i have to wait or shake it to make it works :-(
During on Windows the same problem appears i.e "Usb power is ..."
Well the USB still working anyway.
Have you found the root cause yet ?
Please let me be informed

Dienius said...

I have same problem with my tecra :-(
Won't boot up sometimes
windows gave error messages on my usb port but it still working.
Well hope you find the problem and pls let me be informed

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

My friend, unfortunately, I have not found any solution to the problem. If it is stuck, what I do is to place my left palm on the laptop while working, which applies sufficient pressure to keep it going. As for the USB, I opened the laptop and took out the cable going from the motherboard to the USB connector, and I still got the "power surge" messages. So, apparently, the problem is not due to the circuitry close to the ports, but on the motherboard itself. I disabled the USB root hub devices in the "device manager" to make the balloons go away. For me, the USB did work initially, despite the balloons, but it doesn't work anymore, even if I enable the device. So, I've thrown away my USB mouse and all other USB devices, I use from my office PC and access them over the network from my laptop. Perhaps if it is in warranty, you should show it to the authorized distributors. In Pakistan, it is O&A, with offices in Karachi and Lahore, for sure.