Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Food for thought

Some food for thought for the young aspiring leaders of not only organizations in our country but also of the country itself.
I was reflecting the other day how our political "leaders" and other "leaders" get pissed off when asked probing questions by the journalists. While sometimes the latter can be bitchy, the former are in the limelight, and they should be prepared and accepting of the questioning. People have the right to ask questions of you. At least feel privileged, because no one asks those who don't matter.
The other day, PCB Chair, Mr. Ijaz Butt was visibly and clearly out of control when addressing the media. Come on, old chap, our nation is sensitive about cricket, with the kind of performance by our country's team over the years, you should expect to be asked stinging questions.
On a related note, I noticed how Mr. Ijaz was insisting that he was doing everything according to the PCB's question. Notice how the leaders of the organizations and of our country, for that matter, contend that they are not doing anything wrong. The leader might as well not be corrupt, might follow all rules and regulations, but if the organization is not functioning properly, in our nation, the leader does not take the blame. In case of a train wreck, a few linemen are shown the door.

I guess they feel their responsibility ends at doing the right thing themselves. That is not the case, leaders of today and those of tomorrow. Your responsibility, as a leader is to ensure that your organization functions correctly. Most other nations realize this. Think about it.

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