Thursday, October 07, 2010

German muslims

I agree with the German premier on this. What she and most others don't know is that according to Islamic sharia, obeying the law of the land is part of one's faith. And unfortunately, most muslims don't appreciate this either.
So, muslims in Germany should follow the law of the land. If they find it in contradiction with Islam, then they can either legally influence rationalization of the laws or migrate somewhere else.


Ali said...

Aoa Sir. I was in CISE 99-00 batch, I am sure you don't remember me - I was (and still am) one of the so many other fans of yours, you were always a source of inspiration and great teacher.

I am so glad to find your blog today and have added it to my reading list.

Best regards & remember in prayers.

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Walaikum assalam
Good to get in touch with you through my blog. I rant on here from time to time. Enjoy your stay.
My prayers are always with you and all my other students. Your successes make me proud. Remember me in your prayers, too.
Take care and best regards

nazia said...

great sharing i really find it very help full and i hope that you will share more information with us as like you share

Fahad said...

Dear Sir Saqib,

You have made a very important blog post here. Honestly speaking, if people realize the Islamic sharia point you mentioned, much healthy and wonderful progress could be made. But unfortunately, you have no idea how things goes here. And even our pakistani community is a major anti-follower of the Islamic sharia you mentioned. Anyhow, lets hope and pray for the betterment.