Tuesday, November 30, 2004

INETA minus Karachi

Well, the trip to attend a wedding on Dec 5 and 6 at Sialkot, a training course at Islamabad on Dec 13 and 14. Did that maths and came up with a plan to showcase INETA, share some information about .NET or anything else anyone needs in Lahore and Islamabad. Sat down, drilled down, sent emails to anyone I could find in the academic circles to schedule seminars.
Heard back from UMT, where I'll be speaking on Introduction to the .Net framework on Dec 7, 2004 between 2 pm and 3:30 pm.
Also heard from IMS, Lahore, and the Associate Dean has forwarded my request to the Head of Computer Science.
FAST NUCES Lahore would like a knowledge sharing session with the faculty which is great. I'd like to share the DVD that I have about teaching using .NET.

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