Thursday, November 18, 2004

Progress on DotGNU

OK, to run Web Services, I obviously need a web server. FreeBSD beign a rather secure OS out of the box it didnt install Apache, or maybe I hadnt installed it for some reason. Anyway, once again, I downloaded the source code for it. I downloaded Apache 1.3.3 since I was home and dial up was not good so the latest version was too big.
I configured it, compiled it and ran gmake for dgee, but it gave me an error that there was no DSO support in my Apache. I fired up vi and looked for where the error was and it was trying to lauch something called apxs, which is part of apache. I tried the command from the shell prompt and got the same response. I tried ./configure --help on Apache and notice --with-so and tried it, make isntall 'ed it and tried gmake on dgee again and it worked.
I need to configure dgee and Apache to test the sample web services applications. I'll post more when I succeed (or fail)

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