Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sweeping moves

Such sweeping moves our ruling criminals make! Pardon off all and sundry (give or take a few) under National "Resurrection" Ordinance. Convert all death sentences to life sentences. Sure, sweeping moves across the board benefits. Do you see sweeping moves in other non-criminal-benefiting areas?
1. Abolish electricity bills for people below poverty line? Nope
2. Free flour for all the poor? No, sir
They did promise scholarships and free books etc to send kids to school, but that's because the "bosses" wanted to keep the kids away from the madressahs.
I dont know whether I should blame the idiots who voted for the arrow because of the "martyr for democracy" or blame myself for not having voted for anyone. But wait, cant blame me. I'm out of the town where my vote is registered, and where my vote is registered, it's already been cast (in absentia) in wins by record margins. What a facility!

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