Tuesday, July 15, 2008

VIP culture

Yup, I'm sure he's serious about abolishing VIP culture. Wait a minute! What am I saying? The guys is the second biggest beneficiary of VIP culture in the entire world. Why second, you ask? I can bet you no nation can beat our VIP culture. We proudly uphold it. When the VIP comes to town, we lay down the lives of our critically ill on their way to the hospitals, while traffic is blocked to make way for those who are necessary for the existence and survival of my country. We power our VIPs' residences from three different grids to ensure continued power supply, while a peon in my office sacrificed his infant daughter's life of a few weeks because there was no power at the hospital when a critical operation was supposed to take place on her. Later, she developed pnuemonia and it was impossible to carry out the operation. She laid down her short life for our VIPs. But we're a mighty great nation. She's just one in millions of people who do this every day.
OK, so now that we have ascertained that our VIPs are at the top of the list, then why is this loser number two on our list of VIPs? Hmmmm, there's another one who tops this guy. Go figure! Need some hints?
1. He's the only one in the entire country who knows what is right and what is wrong.
2. He's the ally and we're the enemies.
3. He claims to have sacrificed a lot for the country.
4. He claims to have given independence to a lot of sectors in the country.
You dumbo, you still cant figure it out. What a loser you are! You better watch out because the VIP culture may be coming to an end. Hmmmm. Wait a minute! This same loser promised relief to the people, and we got a "whole lot of relief." And the "relief" will keep increasing. This is the same guy who promised restoration of judiciary and still hasnt delivered. Well, at least he's paying their bills. So, I guess you're likely to be safe. If this loser's performance is anything to guess from, I'd bet VIP culture is only going to grow.

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