Monday, June 01, 2009

Last night

This is a true story about what happened last night. It rained cats and dogs in Lahore last night. Hearing the sound of the rain, I immediately got in the mood for "it". We got out of the house and ran over to my car giggling as we got soaked. We drove over to a secluded place with no one around and got out of the car.
Soaking up the skin desperately hoping to ease the prickly heat. I ran my hands over her body at the front first and then the back and watched it get cleaned. I immediately got an idea. I got the shampoo out from under my car's seat and a rag. I washed the rag in the rain and applied some shampoo onto it. I washed her white body with the rag it starting at the top. Some vehicles started to go past us, and I was embarrassed but did not stop doing it. I had not washed my car in ages. What were you thinking you pervert?


junyDada said...

lol, so is it still clean?

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Actually, as it continued to rain for some time, the dust particles in the raindrops got deposited on the body as the water evaporated, so it is not as clean as one would hope, but it was the best darned car wash I ever did.

Zeeshan Ali Rana said...