Sunday, June 07, 2009

Pop quiz (including solution)

Time is a relative term. Aging doesn't affect certain people as much as it does the rest of us, like Michael J. Fox, Tom Cruise and, of course, Bryan Adams. He was born November 5, 1959. So, here's the quiz: how old will he be on November 5, 2009?
50? Wrong answer. Haven't you heard "18 til I die"


Desert Rose said...

oh, that ol' man...he still got it goin!
However...something is fishy!
He has lost a lot of weight since the last time I saw him in 2007.he is extra skinny and ya..his face was looking aged and wrinkly :(
poor guy,he works too hard!
- H

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Yes, I agree with all your observations. Can't hold aging back forever.