Thursday, March 31, 2005

Husein Textile

It's not my job, only a question of reputation, sense of responsibility.
Me and Ejaz were at Husein Textile today, after yesterdays body-wrecking search for a reflective optical sensor to detect RPM of the loom motor. Having fixed a few minor problems on the veroboard, we went to Husein about two hours later than expected.
While we were getting ready to deploy the monitoring system on the loom, we discovered that the cable which was supposed to connect the monitoring unit to the remote PC was several meters away. There was a lot of fireworks as people debated as to why the cable was terminated there, when the loom being prepared was several meters away.
Anyway, it was decided that the mounting would be moved to another loom close to the cable and we would work on it tomorrow afternoon. Let's hope for the best.
I've invested too much time and energy on this and am getting fatigued. My body has been shouting for mercy for the last three days. Every night I am so tired that I can not sleep for hours. Once this is over, and it is far from over, believe me, I will be able to concentrate on something else.

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