Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Yet another grub restore tutorial

This must exist on millions of websites, but I just decided to blog it for easy reference.
Story: I installed dual boot Fedora Core 3 to test out Mono and stuff. I isntall Win XP Professional because I needed IIS and voila, grub is bye-bye. Cant boot into FC3. I did a google on "grub restore" and got the following procedure:
1- Since I didnt have a boot floppy, I boot with the FC3 installation disk 1
2- Type "linux rescue" at the first screen, where we usually just hit enter when installing or upgrading. A dialog asks you whether it should find and mount the Linux partition, agree to it. It will be mounted on /mount/sysinstall
3- Type "grub" and hit enter
4- Type "find /boot/grub/stage1" and note the partition where the boot stage 1 files are
5- If the above had shown (hd0,1), type "root (hd0,1) or whatever else was shown in the last command output
6- Type "setup (hd0)" and hit enter. You are done.
7- Type "quit" and hit enter.
8- Type "exit" and hit enter. The system reboots. You have your grub menu back.
Credit Grub Restore
Now, I am off to recompiling the kernel, or building a kernel module for NTFS. Take care

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