Saturday, March 19, 2005

ISV Community Days, Lahore

Got to Lahore at about 9 pm, with all other delegates. Vaqas from BBCL (Big Bang Communication) rented a Honda Civic from Avis and we drove to LUMS and checked in at the Rausing Executive Development Center. It was a nice enough place. I had to go out and buy converters for the charger plugs for our laptops.
The next day, we finalized the demos and presentations, went out, got the photo film developed, got a new one in the camera. Adnan Farooq got a shave and I got a trim. We had a Coke as well. ;-P
On returning, we ironed out clothes, took a shower, got ready and went to the presentation hall. Nasser Khan Ghazi was touching on XML Web Services when we got there. We then had lunch and tested our laptops with the equipment. I got Visual Studio and the presentation fired up ready to go. Oh, by the way, did I mention we were wearing our brand new INETA Pakistan logo shirts. They looked amazing.
The attendance was thin at Lahore as at Karachi, but the audience seemed much more knowledgable and asked very good questions. The audience was very eager about INETA Pakistan coming to Lahore. We informed them about the FAST Lahore User Group and asked them to drop us an email to discuss what can be done.
We gave away 7 Webcasts CDs.
I gave Adnan Farooq a hand by holding a microphone up to his laptop speakers so that the audience could hear the playback of the prompts and responses of his speech enabled FlightEnquiry.NET application.
Between our presentations, Nasser Khan Ghazi talked about Bioinformatics. I was very interested. After ISV community days, what's next?


Hammad said...

sounds gr8 saqib sahib. Accept my congratulations on a successful tour. BTW did i mention I would love to have INETA Pakistan shirt ;) ?

Anonymous said...

salam, saqib bhai, i was there at lahore too, it was great presentation u did, do u remember about the question i asked and u said i will work on it, it was about if i dont want to use any login and registration facility provided by 2.0, i got my own user records already registered, so i want to use web parts and personalization, how to do that, kindly if u got something do please mail me at,

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Walaikum assalam

Thanks Jawad. Now I get your question. If you already have a membership database that you would like to leverage, then the solution is to go with a custom membership provider, unless of course it is implemented in SQL Server and completely compatiable with the schema required by the SQL Server membership provider, which is quite unlikely, because everyone tends to come up with their own design.

Please read to learn how to implement a custom membership provider.