Thursday, May 12, 2005

Secret admirer

Some secret admirer sent me a number of questions that I responded to a few seconds ago, so I thought I'd post them here as well. I didnt want to type all the answers, so I googled most of them instead.Here is my answer and his queries:

Please see my replies inline.

vivek goyal wrote:
please give me answer of some question

what's dif b/w html server control & web server control?

what is view state?

what is postback?

Control data is sent from the client to the server.

what's diff b/w data grid & data list?

In short, a datalist control is a lightweight datagrid control.

what is index & diff b/w clustered & non clustered index

An index is used to speed up database queries. When a table (for example) is indexed on a certain column, the database server maintains special data structures that can allow quick searching on items in that column. Also visit for information on clustered vs non-clustered indices.

can data set work in connected environment?

If you need connected "recordset" functionality, consider DataReader instead.

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Zeeshan Muhammad said...

I got the email from the same guy with same set of questions... well he seem to admire so many, secretly ;)