Saturday, May 14, 2005

There was more from that secret admirer of mine, so I just said what I should've said in the first place. Here's the second email and my reply:

Well, since you're addressing me as sir, I take it you're on of my present or past students. Most probably present. The diversity of questions appear to be aimed at testing whether I know or not. I would only say two things, number one, I never claim to know everything, no one knows everything, but whatever I know, I would love to help others with. Number two, if you're afraid that I would retaliate against you, then you have failed to recognize me.
If you dont have the confidence in me or in yourself to ask a few simple questions without anonymity, then I am not inclined to devote my time to answering your queries, either.

vivek goyal wrote:
thanks sir for reply

some question more

does .net support multiple inheritence?

sql server architecture?

what type of error can come in project?

what's diff b/w base class & abstract class?

what's diff b/w abstract class & interbase class?

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