Sunday, May 29, 2005

More from my secret admirer

My secret admirer continues to susbtitute me for google. I dont like rediffmail. The email apparently originates from a cable/DSL subscriber somewhere in India from an ISP called Iqara. Here's his latest wish list:
respected sir
this is vivek from pune(india). i want to take some help of you.i hope that you will help me. i want to know some answer of these listed below

1. how to bind data if i have a dropdownlist & take data from database in this drop down it will bind? to retrieve multible table in a data set from database?

3.what's main diff b/w application & session?

4.what is complexing data in xml? garbage collector work?

6.if i want to pass data from onw web page to another web page
how it is possible?

7. what is signature?

sir please send the answer of these question. waiting for your response.

vivek goyal

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