Sunday, December 25, 2005


Some of the advs you see contain some real un-natural stuff. For instance, the Pepsi adv featuring Reema coming out of some sky scrapper in New York, Islamic Republic of USA, and getting into a cab. When the cab finally stops, the Pepsi can flys over to the back seat. Gee, I thought that when a brake is hit, we are pushed forward in our seats, not backwards.
Also, see the new Paktel GSM bill by the second advertisement. Two ladies talking for a mere four seconds? Duh!


FM said... and my brother picked that too in Pepsi add. We were also wondering how can the can go backwards when the brakes are hit.

with regards

Faisal Nasim said...

Unless of course the can was Saud in disguise ;)

Hammad said...

who knows there was a balck hole in the back seat that sucked "can"!
.. but saqib bhai u ve to admit.. reema defied laws of newtonian physics! :)