Monday, December 19, 2005


Well, in response to my last post about Edu blues, qspasta gave a comment and I would like to comment to his comment, but it will be long, so I decided to make another entry.
First, I take back my word "nation" because we are a few hundred million individuals living on a shared piece of land, dying to get out of it whether we admit it or not, and have little else in common. A nation has a share destiny, a collective conscience, and a few other ingredients and we lack all of them. I dont know whether we were born this way in 1947, or something changed us afterwards, and I dont care either, because that is immaterial. What matters is whether we are ready to realize that we are thinking and acting in all the wrong ways, which we are obviously absolutely not interested in.
I agree that there's no use pointing fingers, firstly because it wouldnt solve any problems, but more importantly, because I would run out of fingers, even if I borrow fingers from everyone I see over a period of the next month. The solution as I said, there is no silver bullet. Everyone has to realize their shortcomings and try to improve. As I said, it seems to be our deepest desire to be able to inflict pain and suffering on others in every possible way. Societies are based on cooperating individuals, hence we have no society either. Once again, I can give so many examples, but all of us have been through situations every day that are indicative of this tendency, and there needs to be no reminders and proofs, in my opinion.
In all of this situation, the tiniest motivation that I can see to do right is, that too many wrongs dont make a right. If everyone else is doing wrong, I shouldnt join them. I wouldnt be let off the hook, in a worldly court or the court of the Almighty on the ground that, hey, everyone else was doing it. Unlike most worldly courts, where most of the wrongdoers in such situations get away and a few unfortunate ones get caught, everyone will pay in the court of the Almighty. And even if you dont believe in such a being, then at least, at the end of the day, when the last breath is upon you, it would be nice to look back at your track record and have a smile on your face, that you played well, and went down fighting "the good fight."
Behaving like the rest of the mob, makes a contribution to chaos. Refraining will make problems a little bit less complicated. Yes, you'll be late to where you are trying to get, because you'd be giving way to the other traffic waiting your turn which will be once everyone else in the city has used the road, but, hey, is anyone ever on time anywhere in this country? I'd rahter be late for a good reason.


Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

No matter what anyone says, Saqu bhai, you are the greatest.

Fahad Salman said...

I m Sorry to interept u again Mr. Adnan. but i read ur comments about my english

i want to say that

very fuuny....
Just grow up man
this shows your caliber

Sabrina Malik said...

As i read the post of "Edu Blues" and clicked the comment window open i was expecting totally different sort of comments but i couldnt believe my eyes " my god what has this turned into...a fight? truly we r nation of blamers and we never bother to see where the actual fault lies in rather then blaming others and the ones who are afraid of criticism or any kind of suggestions for improvement,i wonder will any kinda education will ever help them and since every institute has some imperfections even NED ...I have always seen my fellows talking abt them openly and giving ideas to handle them and i feel by doing this Mr.Anonymous is creating a more negative image abt the students of his institute and well cz i believe a TEACHER is a universal person ..I wonder ,did somebody ever teach them how to communicate and converse with a teacher ?

Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

@Sabrina Malik
Thats the irony. One can never reason with a Mohajir.

@Fahad Salman
I guess everyone knows who has growing up to do. I have started to doubt my calibre since yesterday. I realize now that I should have joined PAF KITE (Patang). So, who helped you write the last English statements for you; your masters in India, or your Quaid in England?

Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

@Saqu bhai

I can't imagine dragging myself into this mud-slugging exercise and saying all the things I said. Its preposterous how some turn against the very people trying to put things in order. Makes me wonder if we really should be doing all the things we do on the INETA platform. But I also know there are many who look up to us and respect us, and it is precisely to those that we dedicate all our efforts to. I dont want to respond to this gentleman's comment again. End of discussion.

M Shoaib Sheikh said...

haahahahaha....Cool dudes with bad moods....Mr.Adnan Farooq is damn right!.....Its good to see that everybody is doing his own business...Keep it up.... ;)

Anonymous said...

I Couldn't believe, this Discussion will bring such short sightedness .
@ Fahad salman : as I am also graduated from pafkiet,First of all i would like to Tell you that you should have to be properly discipline as you are representing pafkiet graduate, secondly We should have to know about the problems & how to solve them that has risen up by mr. saqib illiyas, neither to fight back what has already gone .
@ Saqib sahab : You are right, but better not to give examples directly . We should have to develop our education system as we have to compete internationally . with the sayings to our minds that we are good ,we are good doesn't make to solve such problems , still we are in our developing stage but our progress is slow as compared to other countries .I have just visited one of our neighbouring country which was a part of sub continent. Most of the Universities or institutes are affiliated from major USA & UK universities and from that thing they get there degress by world reknowned universities secondly they have top most consultancies in IT like, tata, wipro,infosys. For that reason they get jobs in there own country & internationally very easily. Saqib saheb being living in middle east I dont know where we are lacking > May be we are just bound to be solve improper situations in our own home either to look internationally. Because in other parts of world very few people know about NED or some more universities . and if you do something wrong everybody pointed that this pakistani is wrong and whole country(pak) is wrong. After 10 yrs of Era we are still considered to be just Educated nation. so this shouldn't be an example of any institute or college or university this would be an example of whole nation everyone is responsible everyone wants to take blind trust & money .

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

I dont know if not citing specific examples would have made things better. It's just a matter of personal preferences as I prefer to be blunt about the truth, even if it is a bitter truth about myself. Just a matter of personal style.
One thing to note is that when we are studying at an institute, we cant find a spare moment where we couldnt think of the shortcomings of the institute and the teachers. Later, after graduation, we defend the institute and its teachers as if it was the word of God. I wonder whether we grow up or down. But that's the trend.
My belief is that if someone can benefit from me, then I shouldnt hold it back. I can tell you that I have driven to people's places an hour's drive away on multiple occassions who needed guidance with something, just for this reason. That's just the way I think. You may or may not agree with that.

Muhammad Qasim Pasta said...

I don’t know what did you think about my comments, but I had agreed with you and nor like blame to teachers (at least completely). But, I tried to pin point the route case at students’ side.

Efforts from you people in form of INETA activates are good initiated and I believe such activates will help to generate awareness not only among students but also among faculties of universities that where are we standing?

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

mqpasta, I understand what you were saying and I didnt see any disagreement in your post. I was just elaborating my point in ways that I had not in my earlier post. Thanks for your appreciation. We're only doing whatever small contributions we can make. It's like rewarding someone for doing good. One shouldnt be rewarded for doing good, because doing good is logical. Punished should, on the other hand be veted out to those who do wrong. It's like we print a news item when an honest police officer returns someone's wallet. It is good in the sense that we are highlighting him as a role model, but logically, he has done what he should have done. When we do what we are supposed to do, that is natural. For example, on our jobs, we get paid the regular salary for doing what we're supposed to do. We get paid a bonus when we go out of our way doing something we could have done but were not supposed to do it. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Im also a graduate of PAF-KIET and I do admit that the standard has gone down a lot as the BOD are more interested in minting money than providing quality education. CS Dept. used to have the highest enrolment but due to changing economic environment, ppl. are more interested in doing their BBA & MBA cause lets face it, in Pakistan an IT graudate can never get to the top unless he starts his own company.

The other thing is that dont beleive what you hear. During my 3 years in PAF-KIET, I only attended seminars and GSS in the first semester and after that it was all proxy. Those incharge of arranging the seminars just used to fill up the Auditorium with whatever they can find and get hold of regardless of his programme (MBA, BBA, BCS).

The thing about quality faculty and Dr. Irfan being one of them...well here is what I have to say. He has never thought a single course in PAF-KIET since he joined here. Infact he could find the time to go to FAST and evaluate their final year students projects but couldnt find the time to move 5 feet and evaluate the projects of his own institute. He is only there because KIET needs a PHD with his name and because he is a relative of one of the powerful BOD of PAF-KIET.

The story about the faculty member who said "I dont teach DBMS" well what can we do, I totally agree with Saqib Ilayas on that but that guy had credibility on paper. He has a BS from GIK and an MS from LUMS. That may have slipped off his tounge or he heard the query forwarded to him wrongly.

And the last but not the least. Mr. Adnan, Im really dissapointed at reading ur comments about Mohajirs. The only reason why we are behind in all walks of life is because we dont act like a nation, we were and still are 5 nations forced into a single box thats Pakistan. Unless we get rid of those ethinic barriers we will stay the same and eventually will be overcome by those who wish to see us wipped off.

Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

@ Anonymous

Regarding the last paragraph of your post, I couldn't disagree more. We are NOT 5 nations forced into a single box, we are ONE nation forced into 4 boxes; and that is not the reason for our backwardness. The problems are more profound. Will blog about it sometime.