Saturday, February 18, 2006


Our khateeb talked about the issue of the cartoons. He also addressed my uncomfort with the issues that I had pointed out in an earlier post about forgiveness. He said that that feeling is not true and pointed out that when Abu Lahab said Tabb alaika ya Muhammad, Allah responded with the verses, Tabban yada Abee Lahabin wa tabb, in effect saying tabb twice in response to his once. Allah took great exception in matters of disrespect to the prophet. There was one such person who would be disregardful to the Prophet and the Prophet to Allah for forgiveness for that person and in response Allah said, Allah will not forgive him even if you pray seventy times for forgiveness for him.
At another occassion, when the Prophet and his companions had gone to the battle of Badr, a blind companion, Muazz bin Adee was in Madina because of his lack of eyesight. A woman who used to say disrespectful verses against the Prophet came on the streets and said some such verses. Muaaz was very upset at this and promised Allah that if the Prophet and his companions would return from Badr, he will finish that woman. When they did return victorious, Allah knows how Muaaz, withtout eyesight managed to get to that woman and executed her. He then went to the Prophet and asked him if there was any punishment for his act. The Prophet told him no and that on that matter, even two goats wouldnt lock their horns, which is an Arabic proverb meaning that even animals wouldnt disagree on this, what to talk of men.
Now, since this present act is not a chance incident occurring out of ignorance, but a planned one, as you can see the Italian Prime Minister on TV saying that he will not only wear a T-shirt with that logo, but also distribute such T-shirts, and he was wearing it, it should not go unnoticed. The means of taking action against this are definitely not the ones seen in Lahore, though.
The khateeb also pointed out Allam Iqbal's work titled "Ibless ka paygham apnay syasee farzandon k naam." He mentioned a verse that said something to the effect "yeh moat say naheen dartay. In k badan say rooh-e-Muhammad nikal do."


Peu Orthodoxe said...

Agreeing 101% with Khateeb!

Anonymous said...

The bit about Abu Lahab though, although the divine wrath was promised to him, the Prophet (pbuh) tolerated Abu Lahab, didn't he?

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Yes, that is true and that was exactly my point. The Prophet was very forgiving, even praying for forgiveness from Allah for the wrongdoers. The same can be seen with Prophet Ibrahim, who prayed for forgiveness to his parents even though they all persecuted him so much.
But Allah made it a point that even though Muhammad is a blessing to all universe(s), Allah will not forgive those who are wrongdoers to Muhammad. The same was done by the companions and the Prophet did not denounce it, so the message is clear.
How much does it take for someone to respect the others' religion anyway? The same goes for us, setting churches and temples on fire. Correction starts at home. The current situation is merely being used for political purposes by the opposition to create unrest, which is the only responsibility of opposition in Pakistan, no matter who it is. The common man, should, however, use his wits and know right from wrong.

Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

The common man is not an intellectual. He knows only what his political leader tells him. What has come out of this cartoon controversy is clear; our enemies need not use any weapons to attack and destroy us when they have cartoon that allow us to self-destruct.

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

I agree Adnan. We're addicted to self destruct. All the while, we're thinking that we're damaging other's properties. I think that the term "leader" doesnt apply here. We have no true leader in our country. Which is precisely why every one of us should learn about leadership, what it is and how to develop good leadership skills. In every walk of life and at ever step, we are called on to demonstrate leadership qualities every now and then.