Monday, February 06, 2006

Spring cleaning

Two things. First, I saw PM Shortcut on TV today as he was supposedly condemning the cartoon affair. Well, his body language didnt look like it. He looked more to be apologizing than condemning. I guess it is justified with the kind of economic and moral debts that we are under, we are basically sold. And slaves dont complain. See how the condemnation from the government has come almost a week after the incident.
Second, there's news of reforms in jails on, like, not putting restraints in the feet and stuff. Lots of reforms. Well, those who are planning and executing it belong there, so I call it spring cleaning. Starting at the home, so to speak.


Destitute Rebel said...

Very right saqib - our leaders are slaves to others and thus the apology being so late. and right again they belong in there and they know they are gonna end up in jail thus the reforms for their own future.

Naqi Raza said...

Respected Sir Saqib,
a famous quote that "beggars can't be choosers" and we are the worst kind of beggars in the world,a Pakistani journalist in his column said that the cartons have caused me deep grief but I acnnot condemn it because if I will do so the embassies of these countries will not give me visa in future....this journalist represents the feelings of the entire nation.

Shaz said...

Interesting...nice to hear some perspective...but what do you think about the opinion that this issue is mostly being perpetuated by radical Muslim factions in Islamic countries to radicalize and mobilize the population? Some people think this was carried on to get a reaction out of people (finally), and to a certain extent, it worked, didn't it?