Tuesday, February 14, 2006

LUMS MS Launch event

Alright, the LUMS Microsoft Launch event last night went very well. The audience was quite good despite the cricket game on the TV. The event was started with a short welcome by Jaffar Haider, MS Student Ambassador at LUMS.

Then, there was recitation from the Holy Quran and I believe that the recitation should be kept a litte bit shorter, with no offense to the person in picture here. I appreciate him doing a very nice recitation.

Then, Rai Yawar, delivered his presentation on SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence.

He started with an overview of SQL Server 2005, and the need for Business Intelligence. He talked about SSIS architecture and OVAL.

He also talked about scalability, optimization, parallelism, security and extensibility.

And then, I took the stage and introduced myself.

I first talked about Imagine Cup 2006.

I talked about Web Developer features in Visual Studio 2005. I fired up magnifier to let the audience take a closer look as I created a website.

The first thing I talked about was the background of the demo application, "Online airline reservation sytem" which was the cornerstone of the entire presentation.

I showed the audience what the finished demo application looked like and gave them the URL where they could download it from.

I then talked about the need for consisten look and feel in a web application and how it has been accomplished in the past. I talked about the role of Master pages in this context and created a master page and copied and pasted some layout markup into it. I also created a couple of pages that inherited from it to demonstrate the idea.

I then showed the audience how to use the new contentplaceholder control to provide page specific content.

Someone asked about the possibility of developing a web application in Visual Studio 2005 that could run on ASP.NET 1.1.

I answered that question.

I next talked about membership and how easy it is to setup it up using aspnet_regsql wizard.

I then explained the choices that exist for the backend of the membership data.

I dragged and dropped some login realted controls onto the forms and showed the audience how easy to use, yet customizable they are.

I showed them how easily we could use the loginview control to customize what is displayed based on who is logged in.

I summarized the login related functionality.

I then talked about data access. Before I did that, I talked to the audience about the necessity of a good design and architecture. I talked about the layered architecture and shared with them my choices in the design and development of the demo application.

I gave them a look at my business logic layer and what it meant.

I kept this part of the presentation short, as we were almost running out of time and the last thing I want to do is to drag the presentation to bore the audience.

After the presentation, I reminded the audience about Imagine Cup and the lucky draw. People submitted their feedback forms into a carton and then I drew 25 of them randomly and Jaffar handed out the goodies to the winners. We really went crazy at this time, as the audience really got into it and we had all sorts of suggestions on how to turn the carton upside down to best shuffle the feedback forms inside, and suggesting that we should draw the folded feedback forms or the unfolded feedback forms. We had lots of fun and some people from the audience came up to me asking interesting questions and I addressed most of them and asked a couple of them to email me so that I can look into their issues. One of these was about the availability of Licensed software at LUMS. LUMS is a member of MSDNAA so all students and faculty get licensed MS software for free, but the student community is unaware of how to avail it.
It was a very good launch event and I enjoyed being part of it. I hope that the audience was also happy.


Reza said...

Well done :D And nice to know the exposure is spreading.

Jaffer said...

It would've been nicer if more LUMS students attended the event, as opposed to people coming from outside LUMS.
All in all, I'm happy with how the event turned out, hope we get to do more of 'em in the near future.

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Thanks folks. I am glad that for once I had someone to take photos of me.

Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

Saqu bhaaaaaaaiiiiii!!!!
Glad to know that the event went great!

Zubair.NET! said...

Glad to know that the event was a success and the material covered in the presentation was also good.

Jaffer said...

Some more pictures can be found here, and my blog entry is here.

FM said...

Sir you have lost some weight i think ...looking anxious too...dont know why :S

with regards

Naqi Raza said...

dear friends,
does any one know the excat date for the launch of Windows Vista

Sarfaraz Ahmed Soomro said...

congrats on a successful event