Saturday, June 11, 2005

Happy birthday to me

This is definitely the birthday on which I received the highest number of birthday greetings ever. Being on orkut must be the cause. I went to the University, restarted the download of SQL Server 2005 latest beta, and went over to Hammad Rajjoub's place to pick him up. Adnan also got there right after me. There was this car that was ahead of him stopped in the middle of an intersection on a round about, in the fast lane, dropping a passenger off. Something you would see at few places in the world. Keep it up, Karachiites. We watited for Hammad, picked him up. Turned out he hadnt had much of a breakfast, so we went back to the University and had a cup of tea and some cookies, while we got him upto speed on all the back breaking work me and Adnan had been doing for the past two weeks.
We left SQL Server download running and went to Hotel Pearl Continental where the PDC 2005 conference delegates were being given their delegate kits ahead of the conference day. We briefed the volunteers who would be (wo)manning the INETA, MVP and Imagine Cup booths. Explaining about INETA and the MVP program was the toughest, perhaps because community work and volunteering doesnt really make much sense in our city. There are such people, but its just not part of our culture. I received birthday greetings from the PDC 2005 volunteers there, Short Messages on the cell from so many people.
We then went to pick up the gifts for the foreign speakers from Saddar, which were marbel chess boards, with INETA Pakistan engraved on them. We also picked the INETA Pakistan logo shirts for Adnan and Hammad gave the measurements for two of his own. Some people also came up to Hammad to ask him to give measurements for them, because the person they wanted the suit stitched for, was the same built as Hammad. That was strange. Hammad did not mind.
Having done that, we took my car from Ahmed Ali, paid him Rs. 15 for keeping our car parked in the no parking zone and went to drop Hammad off at his place, went to have some delicious broast nearby and then back to the University to get the SQL Server beta and then went home to continue work on our presentations and demos for PDC 2005.

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