Tuesday, June 21, 2005

when I want sunshine, I've got rain

It just rained in Karachi. Well, at least it did in my residence locality. A total of one thousand, five hundred and thirty two rain drops. Yea, I did count them. That only caused the earth to radiate heat, and it got hotter than it was. For us folks in Karachi, rainfall is a blessing as a realease from the scorching summer heat. It is also a sure sign of a long power breakdown, which is made worse by the rise in humidity. Fortunately, I dont have a breakdown, but one block down from my place, the neighborhood is dark.
Since we dont have a drainage system, we also have trouble with rain in terms of accumulated water. Maybe its not that we dont have a drainage system, maybe we are living in the drainage system, the sewer so to speak. So, while I battle with my noisy phone line to try and send out emails, you have fun at your own expense.

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