Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Newsletter and flyers

The newsletter and flyers have been printed and are with me now. Me and Adnan spent three days at the printing press area getting the job done and standing by during the printing to ensure that no mess up happens. One mess up did happen as one plate was destroyed by the printer and as usual, they wouldnt accept their mistake.
I spent the fourth day in the same area, making payments, getting the flyers cut, and getting the newsletter cut and folded out. In the end, the stuff was packaged into packs of 500 and 250 respectively. Adnan meanwhile was on an extreme sport, he was attempting a very dangerous stunt which is extremely humiliating and life threatening. He was getting his passport at the Awami Markaz Passport Office. Yes, I konw, it is scary and horrible and awful and stuff, and mentioning such scary things on my blog might scar off a few faint hearted readers, but, well, that's what he was doing.
We then decided to meet at Saddar. On my way, one bus driver liked my car so much, that he decided to give me something to remember him with and broke my side mirror. While I got ripped off getting it replaced, Adnan waited and waited for me and started off back to his place. When I called him from Saddar, he was half way back but turned around.
I had a severe headache and took a Ponstan. When Adnan arrived, we had lunch and then selected souvenirs for some of the speakers at PDC 2005 on behalf of INETA Pakistan, and took the newsletters to be dropped at BBCLs office. While my car was parked with a guy called Hazrat Ali (I'm serious, his name was Hazrat Ali), we drove in Adnan's car to BBCL and dropped off 8 packets of newsletter to be placed inside the delegate kits.
We then drove to FB Area to get our 4' x 3' banner which will be placed in front of the booth and ordered the making of a branding scroll, as BBCL had excused themselves from making it for us and Vaqar had asked Adnan that we should get our own scroll made and we would be reimbursed. By the way, Vaqar was there getting his passport with Adnan.
Having done that, I said good bye to Adnan and drove back home tired like hell at 9:15 pm. Tomorrow's another day and I have to go and get some cash from the bank and get the souvenirs.
I am now installing Visual Studio 2005 Beta on Windows XP and will then install Windows Server 2003 and install the Team System Beta 2 on it.

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