Saturday, June 04, 2005

The price and reward of volunteering

Most people dont know what the rewards of volunteering are. They are missing out on a lot. Take my recent trip to Turkey, Fasih Masood's Millenium Medal, and his invitation as speaker to IEEE Sections' Congress 2005 in the USA. That's just the tip of the iceberg.
Talk about the price: I am sure we could have had half a bucket full from the sweat I lost yesterday at the printing neighborhood, trying to work out the INETA Pakistan newsletter. Adnan was with me, we worked out the cost of paper, the cost of printing, and arranged a direct process media to plate, without going from Corel Draw to Film to Plate. This was much more efficient, safe and economical.
We went there again today, did back and forth trips to the University, and run arounds, hit by power outages, and in the end, the printer was unable to adjust his machine to properly match the offset papre we had. But he consistently says, "Dont you worry, we'll get it done well."
Adnan is going there again, Monday morning and will call me over when needed. Let's hope for the best. We are all charged up about the newsletter and are convinced, that it MUST look good, otherwise, the people responsible will be subjected to the worst techniques of Chinese torture.

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