Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Printing process

When you print something, you usually go from a Corel Draw or Photoshop or similar document to a transparency like film, from which a plate is made. If you would like to print your document in four colors, you'll have four plates. Then, each of these plates is used with the proper ink to expose the paper.
The paper usually comes in large sheets in bulk and you need to get it cut to appropriate size according to the machine you would operate on. For example, the Solna machines operate on 18" x 23" sheets. We bought 100 gm, offset 23" x 36" paper reams and had them cut into halves.
The newsletter is supposed to be a folded four page without staples, so the paper would be printed on both sides, and hence each plate would run twice. We also have flyers which need to be printed on one side only.
Once the printing is done, the paper cutter would once again cut off the edges etc and we would be ready.

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