Friday, November 18, 2005


When I went to Sialkot for Eid this year, my aunt told me that one of my cousins was in Balakot on eid. He had gone there earlier in ramazan, too. When he called home, aunt asked him to come back. He told her that if she'd see what he was seeing their, it would make her wish she could give her life to help the people there. Later, most volunteers had gone to their cities on Eid. A doctor whom he had made friends with, called him up and asked him to come to Balakot, so my cousin went to Balakot a few days before eid. He has been a boy scout for several years and has also done weight training with Junior Mr. Punjab, so I'm sure he's an indispensible person for such a situation.


Zubair.NET! said...
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Zubair.NET! said...

God bless those who died in this disaster, and bestow His blessing on those who are trying their best to help others in this hour of distress.