Friday, November 18, 2005

The only prayer I'll ever need

Well, the only prayer I ever need answered is that Allah keep my parents well, because as long as they are with me, all the prayers that I'd never even asked for would be answered for me.
I got my marks for Stochastic Systems I mid term today. Even though 50% isnt a good score, but that's the top 3rd or fourth score in the mid term. The class average is 26. The course is tough, no doubt. I was very sceptical about the mid term and never expected to be anywhere near the top 10. Lo and behold, the result is beyond my expectations. The only reason is my parents' prayers. Otherwise, my own acts wouldnt warrant acceptance of my prayers.
Now I'm preparing feverishly (well, if you'd call taking time out for blog and stuff feverish, that is) for the final that is on Monday next week. I hope the final is easy because most of the final content was covered in the last two weeks with plenty of extra classes. We didnt have enough time to practice.


Sabrina Malik said...

Best of Luck :-)

M Shoaib Sheikh said...

Ameen Summa Ameen!

Lemme quote an event from old times....Every one of us know that Moses(Hazrat Moosa AS) used to go on top of some mountain for talking with Allah SWA.When his mother died he heard the supernatural voice that" Moses Beware! while climbing up the mountain.Now the hands which used to rise up to pray for you are no more."(Aay Moosa Ahtiyat Sey Ab tumharee afiyat key liye uthney walay haath baqi nahi rahey).