Friday, November 25, 2005

To our society

Our prophet wed four daughters. Only one of them, Fatima, was given dowery. What was she given? Anyone who's read elementary level Islamiat knows that. The only reason she was given dowery and others werent is that she was being wed to Ali, who was also under the Prophet's kifalat. Whatever little dowery was given to her was purchased from the mehr amount paid by Ali himself. There was no meal served.

This is "laanat." I give this laanat to myself, to you, to everybody for being part of this sick society. Here's a couple of letters that were published by the editor of a newspaper recently and were read to us today by the khateeb in the Friday prayers. The first one was written in the blood of the writers. I am only providing the account in my own words, not exact quotation, the letters were in urdu.

Letter number 1, I quote:
We are four sisters. Our father died years ago, and our mother raised us with a lot of effort. Instead of supporting, us, this society only hurled us around. Our mother is now on her death bed with several terminal diseases. We given tuitions and teach the Quran to the neighborhood kids to keep the bread going and to manage to stay indoors. Whenever we are forced to go out for some necessary chore, the beasts of this society await us to peal off our skin. We request someone to kindly do us a favor by wedding us all off so that we can finally live a safe, dignified life.

Letter number 2, I quote:
We are four sisters. Our parents are old and I work on computer composing to keep the livelihood. Whatever little I earn is hardly sufficient to pay the bills and for us to be able to cook pulses (daal) and vegetables. We never even cook beaf. People offer us huge sums to commit adultry, but our parents are asked for huge dowry for marriage. Islam made marriage simple and sin difficult, but our society is making sin inexpensive and marraige expensive.

Laanat on this society, and on you and me for being part of it. I wish that either Allah guide us to correct our ways, or send a bigger earthquake throughout the country to destroy us all, because all we are doing is spreading evil. It is better for a few good men to die alongwith the sinful rather than be supressed and watch evil spread.
If you look at it, women are the most suffering in all this scenario, at least as far as this world is concerned, yet, women are the only flag bearers of these stupid customs that we acquired from the hindus. I dont know if I can convince my parents, but perhaps I can convince you that what is wrong is wrong. Perhaps you can convince your parents, or perhaps at least, as parents ourselves, we would become a wall against this idiocy.


Adnan Farooq Hashmi said...

Its enough to realize that societies CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT be allowed to form on the basis of religion. It is precisely because of the induction of religion into the lives of the people of this sick part of the world that we witness such injustices to such a large scale.

Our maulvis would rather wage a war against the infidel sitting thousands of miles away in a society formed on values of freedom, free-speech, and justice, then to fight the injustice in the land they live in and feed on. The mullah would surely come out on the street to wrangle and protest to give the constitution and the passport a religion, but condone the rape, or killing of a woman in the name of honor.

SO WHAT? This is a muslim society. "La illaha illalah, Muhammadur Rasool-ullah. Let the fucking begin!"

M Shoaib Sheikh said...

Sir plz visit my blog i also do have something somehow related to woman if not in particular with your blogpost.Of course,there should be a revolution or an earthquake to treat us right.

Benz said...

i was so pleased to read this post.. fianlly there is one person who thinks wat is happenin around us.. waht this society si doing.. the only reason behind this is literacy rate in our country... learn learn n learn than only u can become a better human being...
we women are surrounded by thousands of beasts every single day .... there is alot more to say but i think this is enough or else this page will not be enough for my hatred towards these illietrate ppl ....
good thinking....