Saturday, November 19, 2005


Well, I have changed my blog settings so that anyone can post comments, and not just blogger members.
Also, I've got some really interesting photos to post to the blog, but there's something wrong with the hello picture sharing networking apparently.
Stay tuned.


FM said...

Leave hello...a better arrangement is to use or flickr. Upload photos there and use their links.

with regards

Faisal Nasim said...

As FM said... Flickr is a great option. Even Yahoo has some arrangement with those guys!

I'd like to suggest a very simple alternative.! When you're composing the message, you can simply click on the Picture icon in the toolbar and it gives you an option to upload your picture and it also gives you the code in your compose window (or the image itself if you're composing rich text).

Faisal Nasim said...

It just refreshed the page and the word verification is 'vlkats' now and its italics and its green, kind of alluring.. so I just *have* to post this one extra comment. :)

FM said...

But the problem with is that you cant retreive your picture out of their database. I still dont know how to delete the picture from the database of I dont think deleting the post that contained the uploaded picture will delete the picture from their database too...or does it happen?

eBolGo - Kostenloser Blog said...

With I've never had problems. Many plugins and good designs make here the blogging easy.