Wednesday, September 22, 2010

iPhone vs BlackBerry

When buying a smartphone, one is often confronted with the option of whether to buy a BlackBerry or an iPhone. I have never owned one and it doesn't seem likely that I'll buy one in the near future, but I know of several people who own one or the other and I've often seen them compare their handsets. Based on their experiences, I've tried to summarize the comparison of these two options.

Based on the feedback I have received, Blackberry loses on almost all counts. The BlackBerry is not flexible in terms of email sources, whereas with the iPhone, you can pull emails from a variety of different commonly used email services. Furthermore, the iPhone has a much wider third party application market. This includes office productivity, communication and collaboration applications as well as games. For instance, you can easily install Skype on an iPhone. Many of these third party applications are free, too.

So, if you ask my advice on whether to buy an iPhone or a BlackBerry, I'd say go for an iPhone.

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