Thursday, September 23, 2010


I visited Dr. Iftikhar Waris' homeopathic clinic, Gulberg Homeopathic Clinic in Gulberg, Lahore, yesterday to get some medicine for my three years old. Whenever I go there, I see some interesting characters who are obviously living in some other country within the one that I live in. Women with short and see-through clothes are abundant. Dr. Iram Hassan's Hassan Medical Center beats Dr. Iftikhar's clinic, though. But that's besides the point.
Anyway, back to the point. A family came in as we were waiting for the medicine to be prepared. They had two servants to take care of their one and a half year old son. One was your typical mulazima, whose only duty was to tail the kid, pick him up if needed etc. The other one was probably looked like she belonged to the Phillipines. The way she interacted with the child in English made it quite obvious that she had been employed to teach him good manners typical of the western nations and missing in us uncivilized Pakistanis. I can personally relate to their concern for a spoilt child.
The climax, however, was when I discovered that their attempts at "the cure" weren't working for them either, just as mine aren't working for me. When the boy started protesting and crying over something, nothing worked. Neither the gentle words in English from the foreigner, nor the desi mulazimas words of love. I could not tell a difference between his behavior and that of my daughter when she was his age. Unfortunate! Well, I didn't have to spend as much as they do over a child that embarrasses you with his/her misbehavior in public.

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