Monday, September 27, 2010

Van powered by CNG

On yesterday's trip, we traveled on a rented chauffeur driven, Nissan Caravan. I didn't get the make year, but here's the interesting thing. The 9-seater van was running on CNG. That, with the airconditioner running full speed ahead. For a vehicle on CNG, it was running quite well. We could never have guessed its fuel source, until the driver stopped at a rest stop on the motorway and headed towards the CNG station. We thought such vans were almost invariably on diesel. I guess rising diesel prices have made the switch over to CNG cost effective. For a CNG-driven vehicle, it was running pretty nicely.


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Umar Suleman said...

Most probably it was a 2010 import (2007-2009 make) slightly used original Petrol engine van. I am guessing as it had a 2010 registration and businesses do not import Nissan except for a very good reason i.e. petrol engine in our case.