Tuesday, September 21, 2010

U-turns on Lahore Ring Road

I have recently traveled on the Lahore Ring Road on a couple of trips to Sialkot. I found it to be extremely useful. It helped us avoid terrible city traffic. Whereas, I used to take one and a half hours to reach Muridke, on the ring road, the travel time dropped to just fifty five minutes.
One concern that I had on the Lahore Ring Road, though, is that there are several locations for taking U-turns on it. For a road where there is little traffic and vehicles travel at speeds near 100 kph, U-turns can and will result in terrible accidents. Accidents due to vehicles taking U-turns will be much fewer in comparison to those caused by pedestrians and animal carts and other slow moving vehicles moving from one side of the road to the other. I believe that educating people is the only permanent solution, but the U-turns should also be shutdown. One in need of turning around can safely take the next exit, make a U-turn on the side road and then re-embark upon the Lahore Ring Road. I hope someone in some avenue of power gets a word.

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