Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The IT sector has lately bloomed creating lots of tech jobs in Pakistan. Foreign projects also brought diversified experience to Pakistani IT workers and added valuable expertise to their skillset. However, this report in today's edition of The News about a trend of foreign companies closing down their business in Pakistan is alarming.
Of course, it is not completely unexpected on two accounts. First, you need first class connectivity to the rest of the world. While Pakistan's Internet connectivity is several times better than what it used to be ten years ago, but it still can not be termed reliable and first class. The Internet connectivity business is not where it should be. Second, we can not guarantee uninterrupted business operation due to the prevalent and consistently deteriorating condition of law and order.
Unfortunately, proper heed has not been paid to these alarming conditions. One can only hope that some urgent attention will be paid to these trouble areas, soon. Otherwise, I'm afraid that the IT boom will go ka-BOOM.

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