Friday, December 17, 2004

Books and more

I got my copy of Packet magazine Fourth Quarter 2004 Vol 16, No. 4. I havent read it yet. I'm crazy when it comes to buying books. I went with a colleague to buy books and bought the following:
1. Bridges, routers and switches for CCIEs by Caslow, Second Edition. This I bought for the next time I teach CS 523 Routing and Switching
2. Wireless Communications Prcinciples and Practices by Rappaport, Second Edition. This I bought to quench my curiosity about CDMA 2000 after the training course in Islamabad.
3. Wireless Network Evolution by Garg. This one looks more practical than the one above.
4. Designing Network Securit by Kaeo, second edition. This I bought for my upcoming course on Computer Network Security.
5. Hackers Beware by Eric Cole. This is for the same as above.
I'm considering drawing some more money to buy more tomorrow. This time, I'd like to buy some books on .NET.

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