Monday, December 13, 2004

CDMA 2000 Seminar at Islamabad, Pakistan

I am at Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, attending a seminar hosted at Air University, by Higher Education Commission,
The seminar started on Dec 6 and will run till Dec 16. Since my Chairman had told me I was nominated for Dec 13 and 14 only, I had a trip through Lahore. I arrived at Islamabad on Friday, Dec 10, 2004 afternoon. I came straight to the seminar and was greeted by a Chinese speaker who was sitting on a chair with a laptop in front of him staring at the laptop and speaking that way. The guy is very strong technically, but I must say that he is not an effective teacher. I was also greeted to a quiz the same day. Since it was open book, I was able to attempt 39 or so questions.
This guy works for QualComm, the producer of CDMA chips and probably owns the IP to the CDMA specs. Some execs from QualComm USA were also there.
I guess, we're getting all the literature and we'll have to spend time on it to see what we can do about it. The idea is that since CDMA is going to be the basis for 3G services, there is need to develop engineers well-versed with CDMA.
Today was supposed to be Wireless Internnet Optimization, but I think the schedule was changed, and it was Network Planning. Same tomorrow. I'm flying back to Karachi tomorrow night, so I'll miss Wireless Internet Optimization, but at least I have the course material.
The course material is very badly structured as well, and I am still unable to get the big picture out of it. I guess there's no replacement for a book. I'll see if I can find a good book on CDMA in the local market.

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