Sunday, December 19, 2004

More books

Went to the book market again yesterday, and bought yet more books. This time mostly on .Net. Here's a list:
1. .NET Patterns - Architecture, Design and Process by Christian Thilmany
2. Programming in the .NET environment by Damien Watkins, Mark Hammond, Brad Abrams. Damien Watkins has considerable work in the area of distributed computing. He has worked on the development of the .NET framework. I have taken several of his talks. He's an excellent person and an excellent scholar. That's why I bought this book. I'm sure it's a well written book. Next time I see him, I can tell him that I have read his book.
3. Component Software - Beyond object-oriented programming by Clemens Szyperski. When Clemens wrote this book, Microsoft hired him immediately. It's a gem of a book and the best reference on component software. It discusses the theory and principles and also discusses the implementation in DCOM and CORBA.
4. Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime by John Gough.
I hope I'll read them soon enough. Got a lot of books to read.

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