Saturday, December 25, 2004

Making CDs

I had to get 700 CDs made for the conference proceedings of SCONEST 2004. I'm blogging this so it might be useful for someone else who is doing this or act as a reference for me later on.
I got the master copies from the conference chair, and took it to the notorious Rainbow Center. I ordered 700 duplicates of it. I also ordered 700 plastic sleeves with two pockets. I went to the Burns Road area near the Burns Road bus stop and visited the printing guys there and ordered a film they call "gola" for CD. He quickly composed one with the name of the conference and the sponsors for me and I got it for Rs. 100 on a film. I took that back to my vendor, Royal Corner at Rainbow Center and handed it over to them so that they could get a single color label on the CD-Rs. He said that the labelling sometimes wastes 30 to 40 CDs out of 600, so we are safe.
We'll compose and print out a paper lable to inserted with the CD, which will also contain the copyright notice. We'll get it photocopied or cyclo styled and inserted into the CD sleeves. That should get us going. The entire process of 700 CDs creation is taking 3 working days at a cost of approximately Rs. 20 per CD.

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