Monday, December 20, 2004

Forget me not!

I got to Bar B Q Tonight at Boat Basin at 8:05 pm according to the decided deal between four friends at the University for dinner last night. I ring up one to check where he is sitting at the restaurant. His brother answers the phone and informs that he is at his grandma's place. Bummer! I ask him to call him and tell him to get here asap. I call another one of us, and he's at home cause he thinks it was 9 pm. Double Bummer! I ask him to get here asap and ask him to call the last one. The first one arrives at 9:05 pm, the second one arrives about 10 minutes later. The last one said that since there was no confirmation the day before, he thought the dinner was off. Oh well, we had dinner and had lots of chit chat. We called for the bill at 10:40 pm. I recalled my friend's advice and looked at the bill. I asked Fahad to check it. He said it looked too high. He found some discrepencies. I looked at it and I called the waiter and the menu. Sure enough, extra items in our bill all across the board. The sons of a "you know who." We sent it back for correction, he came back, with still remaining errors. We catch them, send them back for more correction. Bam! They come back with still remaining errors. We correct them, and finally, at 11:20 pm, we pay the bill and leave. Of course, I left no tip. Damn these stealing bastards! Never trust them. I'm incredibly pissed at them. They're lucky I didnt break anything at their pretty little restaurant.

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