Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm a very strange fellow!

Back in 1991, when I was applying for admission to high schools, I had a difficult case because I had been out of country for one year and the board of intermediate education had just recently erected a rule that people who have a gap of one year after their secondary school certificate will not be admitted to colleges on priority. I was determined that I wanted admission at DJ Science College. My percentage was good, but I didnt want to even apply at Adamjee College, which was reputed top in the city at that time. I only applied at DJ Science College. My folks kept asking me to apply elsewhere, but I strongly said, DJ or nothing. In the end, when the merit list was displayed, my name was not there. We were shocked. We went to see the principal and showed him my passport and my marks statement. He was a thorough gentleman and was impressed by my marks statement. He immediately instructed one of the teachers, Mr. Raju Kalip to accompany me to the admission office and have me admitted immediately. Mr. Raju Kalip is another fine gentleman that I can not forget not just because he helped me out, but because he was an excellent teacher. He taught us maths with a zeal and excitement that I cant even come close to attain even when teaching my favorite courses. I heard later that Mr. Raju Kalip had developed diabetes. I hope that he is well, wherever he is.
This time again, for PhD, I only applied at LUMS. There came a moment, when I started thinking, I should've applied to other universities, but alhamdulillah, in the end I not only got admission, but much more. Allah is nice to me. Allah is nice to us all, we just dont notice it.

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