Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Traffic blues

Picture this. You're on a single lane road. You come to a "T" where you have to either turn right or left. The road to the left and right is also single lane, with traffic in both directions sharing the lane. You stop behind the car in front of you because there is approaching traffic from the righthandside. Once that car clears out, you start off turning to the right, and on that god-damned single lane road, there is a car passing you from the right, and a car passing you from the left. That's a god-damned turn idiots, you're not supposed to pass on a turn. And its a single lane road, for crying out loud.


Faisal Nasim said...

The TE teachers are not interested in posting to the blogs at all! The group serves all their needs! It turned out that the idea of a blog for a notice-board was a flop.

As far as the fan blades are concerned, I guess that my cover-up worked! :> Was it a big guy in a black cape wearing a mask and carrying cool gadgets? Oops, that was Batman... memory-base corrupt... calling SZQN and running myisamchk in parallel.

They would kill me... You don't belong to to illuminati do you?

Muhammad Saqib Ilyas said...

Lol. Yea, I think the guy in the black outfit tried to swing on the fan blade and tried to do the same stunt six times. Each time, he fell on his poor head. Stay safe and away from fans. I gather someone also attempted to do a short circuit.